Quantitative testing simplified

Sometimes a yes or no answer is not enough. Today, quantitative applications mostly rely on laboratory based immuno-assays such as ELISA and are therefore limited in their accessibility and speed.

We are bringing ELISA to the point-of-care with our ELLI™ platform. ELLI™ is a USB-like device that enables accurate quantification of biomarkers and pathogens.

Key features:

  • One-step procedure
  • 15 minutes to results
  • High sensitivity
  • Internet-of-things (IOT) enabled


ELLI™ is a point-of-care technology that can suit a range of antibody-based assays. Our research-use-only assays target applications that require fast and accurate biomarker measurements:

  • Dengue triage (quantitative NS1)
  • Stroke triage (in development)
  • Acute kidney injury (in development)
  • and more.