Dr. Falk Fish

Over 30 years experience in Medical Rapid In Vitro Diagnostic Devices as Co Founder & Founding teams of internationally active companies. Over 40 years experience in life sciences in academic and industrial environments. Employs both intuitive and systematic inventive processes, stressing simplification of otherwise complex reactions and manufacturing processes. Directed R&D as CTO and chief scientist of an integrated diagnostic development and manufacturing company, whose products can be used anywhere: from point-of-care (POC) to laboratory environments. Those products were approved by international regulatory agencies such as ISO, CE, USDA and US FDA. Practiced open door, no distance (make your coffee and clean after you) management style, creating a friendly, cooperative, stress free atmosphere, solving disagreements with humor.

Field of expertise: Medical device R&D


Co-founded Red-C Optical Networks Limited and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Ghera is a recognized Israeli authority in the field of optical communications and fibers. Prior to co-founding Red-C, Dr. Ghera headed the optical fibers activities at ElOp Electro-Optics Industries Ltd. from 1995 to 2000, conducting development tasks for military and communications applications. He also managed ElOp's activities within the National Consortium for Optical Broadband Communications (MAGNET). Prior to his tenure at ElOp, Dr. Ghera worked on optical design for a private company. He earned his degree at Tel Aviv University. He received his doctorate from Tel Aviv University in 1995.

Field of expertise: Optics, electronics