About us


Biosensorix was founded in 2015 by Prof. Robert S. Marks and Dr. Luka Fajs with the vision of changing the way diagnostics is done in the world and making it accessible to everyone.

Diagnostics today are mainly performed in centralised laboratories and using laboratory-based tests that take time, require expensive equipment and need highly trained personnel.

Our technological advances will enable on-demand, point-of-care diagnostics, screening or monitoring, that will be easy to use and accessible to everyone.




Microbiologist, inventor and entrepreneur. Luka Fajs holds a PhD in microbiology and has extensive experience in clinical laboratory diagnostics, including BSL3 and 4 agents. Having spent  significant time in the field, he understands the intricacies involved in field and point-of-care diagnostics.

RObert S. MArks


Professor, serial entrepreneur and biosensor expert. Prof. Robert Marks has dedicated his career to research and development of novel biosensor technologies in areas ranging from medical diagnostics, water safety, environmental monitoring,, basic research and more. His expertise and research collaboration networks bring an added value unmatched by other up and coming start-ups.