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the future of diagnostics

point of care diagnostics for everyone
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SAVING LIVES and healthcare dollars

one patient at a time


We offer a variety of research-use-only products for rapid, point-of-care detection and quantification of pathogens, toxicity measurement and environment monitoring systems.

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We offer customised kit development for research purposes, based on our proprietary technologies and know-how. Join us today and expand your research and testing capabilities.

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a team of top talent

Top Founders

Biosensorix was founded by Luka Fajs (left) and Robert S. Marks (right) in 2015 with the aim of creating next generation diagnostic solutions by harnessing years of experience in biosensor innovation, microbiology, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Team of Top Talent

We have a multidisciplinary team dedicated to developing state-of-the art technology that will bring affordable and accurate on-demand diagnostics to everyone.

World Class Advisors

We get the advice from world-class experts in electrochemistry, nanotechnology, medical device R&D, legal and IP issues and more. Our advisors play a pivotal role in our success and act also as our key critics and supervisors.